Fuller Moto Shop, a motorcycle manufacturer in Georgia, in the United States, developed an electric motorcycle with a futuristic design built with titanium parts made from 3D printing. To add a touch of innovation, the engineers responsible for the project turned the chassis upside down and repositioned the batteries to align the 23-inch wheels and the engine.

The model, entitled 2029 Majestic, has a completely closed body made of sculpted aluminum. However, some parts like the front stabilizer arm and the steering plate were 3D printed with titanium.

The wheels, in turn, are made with transparent polycarbonate that replaces the spokes. In addition to all this, the 2029 Majestic still has an electric motor with 46 horsepower and a range of 160 kilometers. With this configuration, the model can reach up to 136 km / h.

“I was inspired by 3D printing, allowing my creativity to go wild and creating organic forms. With no limits to design, I was able to create something unique ”, highlighted the company’s CEO, Bryan Fuller.

According to the Robb Report website, the model was an order placed by the Haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery in Dallas, and will be displayed with 190 more custom bikes that are present in the museum.


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