The sequel to the remake The Lion King, which was released last year and filled its fans in movie theaters. In The Lion King 2, unlike the first, the director’s chair is entrusted to a different name.

Disney’s 2019 remake, The Lion King , received mixed reviews. Although the film did not show a very pleasant performance on the critics side, it made the producer smile in terms of box office revenue. The remake of The Lion King, which has a budget of $ 260 million, managed to achieve a total box office revenue of $ 1.65 billion .

After this successful performance at the box office, it was not even a matter of fact that the sequel came out, which is how it happened. According to the news in We Got This Covered , the work of The Lion King 2 has officially started. However, unlike the 2019 adaptation, Jon Favreau will not be the director of The Lion King 2 .

The Lion King 2 is coming

In The Lion King 2, the directing seat will be entrusted to Berry Jenkins , who is also the director of Moonlight, who managed to win three Oscars . Jeff Nathanson, who wrote the screenplay for the 2019 remake, will also write the script for the second movie. It is not yet known when the movie will be released and which actors from the first movie will make a comeback in this movie.

The story of The Lion King 2 is said to expand the mythology of the characters , including the story of Mufasa’s origin . Of course, the scope of this is quite wide and uncertain for now. Much more detailed information on the subject will be revealed in the future.

We hope The Lion King 2 succeeds in making the fans and viewers of the series happy, no matter what course the story takes. So, what do you think about the 2019 remake and what are your thoughts on the second movie? You can share your ideas with us in the comments section.

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