Disney CEO Bob Chapek has announced that they value cinema experience, but they can now apply different publishing strategies for their movies.

The coronavirus epidemic, which causes movie theaters to be closed and production to be stopped all over the world, seems to affect the cinema industry in the long run. While the rise of digital platforms in recent years brought along concerns that the cinema experience will disappear, the success of the films published on VOD platforms in this period when the movie theaters were closed caused the balance between the movie theaters and the studios.

While Universal’s announcement that the movie theaters may open some of its movies on VOD platforms after opening the movie theaters has caused a crisis between the studio and movie theater operators, it has been interpreted as a harbinger of the rapid change in the coming period. As a matter of fact, a similar statement came from Disney after Universal.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek Announces They Can Apply Different Broadcast Strategies For Movies From Now On
Despite Universal’s harsh reactions from movie theater operators, Disney has been more cautious about this, but Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s statements showed that Disney, like Universal, is preparing to implement alternative publishing strategies for his films.

Chapek stated that they believe in the value of the cinema experience, but they can make some changes in their broadcasting strategies due to both changing audience dynamics and coronavirus outbreaks. As Chapek did during the epidemic process, saying that they will determine their publishing strategies by handling their films one by one, Disney, like Universal, showed that some movies cannot be released in theaters after the movie theaters are reopened.

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The studio, which had to postpone many of its films such as Black Widow, Mulan, Eternals after the spread of the epidemic, followed a different path for Artemis Fowl, which is planned to be released on August 9 and announced that the film will not be released, but will be broadcast on Disney + on June 12. It is also said that the studio will publish The New Mutants, which does not set a new vision date, directly on Disney +.

Although these statements by Bob Chapek are worrying for movie theater operators, it is not expected to experience a crisis similar to that between Universal and movie theater operators. Because Universal’s bad management is the basis of the crisis with movie theater operators. It is not possible to say the same for Disney. On the other hand, Disney, which had a total of $ 13 billion in revenue at the box office last year, has been the studio that has dominated the box office for years, suggesting that studio and movie theater operators will avoid confrontation.


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