Blue Sky Studio, the animation studio affiliated with 20th Century Fox, is shut down by Disney. 450 people are expected to remain unemployed. You can find the details in our news.

As you know, Disney bought 20th Century Fox in recent years, and all Fox’s productions are basically connected to Disney. Blue Sky Studio, one of the animation studios of 20th Century Fox, naturally became a studio affiliated with Disney. Unfortunately this studio is being closed.

Blue Sky Studio is best known for its successful animated movie series Ice Age. Apart from the Ice Age, the studio, which is also known for Rio, Agents at Work and Robots series, unfortunately had to be closed due to the economic difficulties brought by the epidemic. It has been announced that approximately 450 people will be unemployed after this closure.

However, according to Deadline’s report, Disney will find jobs in other departments within the company for 450 people who will be unemployed. We hope Deadline’s news is correct.

After this closure, the Nimona animation, which was in the development phase of the studio, was also canceled. However, that doesn’t mean that brands like the Ice Age owned by the studio are over. As Disney still owns the rights, we can see new projects that an Ice Age series is currently being developed for Disney Plus.

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