As the world’s struggle against the Covid-19 epidemic continues, interest in technological products has increased considerably. So why?


Since January 2020, while the Covid-19 epidemic continues to die in our country and the world, we have closed homes for more than a year to prevent the epidemic. In addition to the increased interest in the internet, the interest in technological products increased considerably during the days we closed our homes. Despite the postponement of various technology activities in our country and in the world, users continue to gain information by accessing details from the internet. We are continuing to convey the developments rapidly in these days when we are closed to our homes. In this news, we talked about the increasing interest in technology with our closure to homes.

As you know, state officials recently decided to close for 20 days. Before this closure decision, university exams were held online, and even courses were given online. As such, houses without internet started to buy internet, and computers without computers started to buy computers.

Covid-19 Impacted Technological Product Sales

With our closure to homes, both education and jobs moved to homes. As such, people tried to continue their education and work by buying products such as tablets and computers. As the prices increased due to the Corona Virus negatively affected the life, technological products started to come to the fore.

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