Black Widow News: A somewhat controversial villain


Eric Pearson was the scriptwriter in charge of writing the story for the solo adventure of Black Widow, the deadly spy and member of The Avengers played by Scarlett Johansson. Although critics liked the movie, some fans are upset over one of the villains’ reimagining of it.

In the Black Widow movie, she faces a very skilled adversary known as Taskmaster. Towards the end of the story, it is revealed that this character, instead of being a man as in most iterations of her, is actually a woman. This change seemed very radical to many followers of the comics who showed contempt for her in networks.

The reason for Taskmaster’s change into Black Widow

Given the negative response to this change, Eric Pearson wanted to comment on the reasons why they decided that Taskmaster was a woman in this adaptation of Black Widow. In an interview with Collider, Pearson spoke of the importance of creating an emotional bond between Natasha Romanoff and her villain.

“Since we were confined in the space between Civil War and Infinity War, we needed a menacing villain who could triumph and not be noticed.” By this, Pearson means that they needed an adversary whose goal did not have a great impact in the following films. In this way, viewers would not have the assurance that Black Widow would save the day, as Taskmaster could win, but her actions would not carry as much weight in Infinity War or Endgame.

Pearson added, “So building this villain and the idea of ​​working with mind control and brain deconstruction and chemically changing it, we thought it would be great if we could find out about the mystery of Dreykov’s daughter that they mentioned in Avengers 1.” For those who do not remember, during a conversation between Black Widow and Loki in that film, the god of Asgard mentions “Dreykov’s daughter” as something very bad that Natasha had done in her past, however they do not give more details.

A great weight from Natasha’s past

Those who have already seen Black Widow, know that, here, Taskmaster’s secret identity is Antonia Dreykov, the daughter of who we could say is the main villain. The importance of this character to Natasha is that she believed that she had killed her by accident when she was only trying to end the life of her father. These past actions of the avenger also played a role in the development of the villain, according to Pearson.

‘About the idea of ​​Natasha’s dark past. I was very determined that she had to have done something that still haunted her. It couldn’t be that she was after a bad guy and some people got hurt. It had to be something like that she chose to harm an innocent, especially an innocent girl as a means to an end. ‘

As a result of this, it was that Pearson and his team came up with the idea for Dreykov to rebuild her daughter as this clever killing machine. With this, they created a villain linked to the past actions of Black Widow and at the same time gave him the opportunity to close that chapter of her life.

Pearson also mentioned that they thought about giving Taskmaster the incredible reflections of him like in the comics, but in the end they decided that his ability to mimic the movements of other heroes, was thanks to a chip. Now that you know the reasoning behind the villain change, what is your opinion? Do you think they did a good job adapting it or would you have preferred them to do it just like in the comics?


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