Bloodborne News: According to Lance McDonald, a company insider, there are several titles on the way to PC.


PlayStation has spoken on previous occasions about the importance of bringing some of its exclusives to the PC. Earlier in the year, the announcement had been made that Horizon: Zero Dawn and Days Gone would be brought to the computer. Gamers were excited for a possible Bloodborne on the way, but now it looks far away.

According to Lance Macdonald, there are other exclusive titles that are among the PlayStation port plans and Bloodborne is not one of them. After the purchase of Nixxes, a study specialized in making this type of adaptations for PC, it seems that this type of rumor makes sense within the industry.

What other exclusives will arrive instead of Bloodborne?

What this insider commented was the following: ‘If Bloodborne were announced for PC, I would love to say that I secretly already knew, although I would be lying. I know there are several ports of PlayStation exclusives coming to PC, sadly none of them are Bloodborne.

Although he did not give all hope lost: ‘However, I still have hope that it will come out of nowhere. For whatever reason, a lot of people think I know secret things about this unannounced Bloodborne project. I keep looking for information and investigating all the leaks and false rumors, but sadly there is nothing there that I have found so far ‘.

Certainly, if this video game came to the PC it would be one of the great surprises of this year, although now it seems more unlikely than before. Hopefully the company sees the interest its fans have in this project.


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