SUSHI‘s price action last year was quite heavy and these ups and downs were very heavy. However, within a year, it increased by over 424% of its current value.



With the uptrend of altcoins, it started to rise from November of last year, and in a four-month period, SUSHI reached its highest value at $ 23.38.

Right after its reveal date, SUSHI has only been subject to a downtrend. In early June, SUSHI lost the $9.4 support level and has since been trading stable below this mark.

Additionally, SUSHI, which was the sixth largest DeFi token a few months ago, now ranks eighth on the list.

Price charts aside, the token’s metrics have provided almost no relief. He acts as if he is moving in the crypto market as if he is holding a time bomb in his hand.

In the last week of last June, SUSHI started to gain momentum again, but it gained momentum so quickly that it could not stop after rising and went down on July 6.

At this stage, it was announced that the developers are currently working on Shoyu, SUSHI’s NFT platform. It is expected that this development will have a positive or negative impact on the token price in the coming months.

While the total SUSHI selling price on July 10 reflected a value of 966 thousand dollars, the purchase data on the same day reflects a value of 881 thousand dollars.

The decline in stock market entries may indicate the possibility that SUSHI HODLers are holding on to their holdings and expecting some degree of positive movement.

SUSHI’s trading volume has also been on the decline since July 6. And even as I write this article, there is no rise. As a result, SUSHI’s fate is not looking good.


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