Does Justin Bieber regret his courtship with Selena Gomez? Controversial statements by the singer. The singer was sincere in a live broadcast.

Justin Bieber is one of the most recognized artists worldwide, his great army of followers is one of the largest in the world of music. The Bielivers, the name by which they identify, defend each of the Canadian’s actions, although a large number of them do not agree with the marriage he contracted with the model Hailey Baldwin. Now, he made statements regarding the decisions he made before meeting his wife. Do you regret having met Selena Gomez?

Forced to maintain contact only through the internet with his fans, the composer of Baby made a live broadcast, at which point he opened his heart to express his regret for the actions he carried out during the first years of his career. Already married to the supermodel, the Canadian singer stated that he would have loved Hailey to be his first wife. It should be remembered that Bieber maintains strong religious beliefs and had the desire to come to marriage pure.

Days ago, it was his wife’s turn to be sincere, who explained how much it affects him that the ghost of her husband’s ex, Selena Gómez continues to torment her and pointed directly at those who compare them. She said she was disappointed with the cruel treatment she receives through social networks and called to put aside hatred once and for all. Sorry interpreter went against the wishes of his fans.

Justin Bieber fans have yet to overcome the singer’s scandalous separation from his colleague, and aimed all the missiles at the model, accusing her of meddling in the musicians’ courtship. Despite all the criticism received from his own fandom, the young artist decided to listen to his heart and married the woman he loves. On more than one occasion, he came out to defend her from malicious comments. Now it remains to wait how the fans of your ex will react to these statements.

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