Boity Thulo is a well-known business woman, rapper, model, and TV personality living in South Africa. She is known all over the country for her roles in TV series like Rockville.



Bitcoin has become one of the most traded financial assets in the world. The currency has made a lot of money for many traders thanks to its huge returns over the past decade. The digital currency has recently reached a value of $ 60,000 and this has been a huge success for the crypto world.

Recently, the actress is said to have invested large amounts of money in Bitcoin. Rumors say that this is the method of securing the model’s finances and wealth. But are these rumors true? In this article, we will examine these rumors.


Who is Boity Thulo?

Boity Thulo was born on April 28, 1990 in the town of Potchefstroom in the North West state of South Africa. Bioty started the criminology and psychology departments at Monash University, but had to leave the school due to lack of funding.

Boity Thulo is best known for his TV and Film work, and was listed in the Forbes Africa 30 under 30 creatives in 2019. This demonstrates the quality and commitment to the business that has built its reputation. Shows such as The Media Career Guide, 10 over 10, Big Brother Africa and Change Down have helped to grow in popularity. She is now one of the best known faces of the South African TV industry.

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Has Boity Thulo Invested In Bitcoin?

The South African actress, rapper, businesswoman, and TV personality has not yet publicly disclosed that they are investing in Bitcoin or any other Cryptocurrency. We looked on Twitter and Instagram to search for some answers, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any clear information.


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