Following the absurd decisions of the smartphone market Trump, Chinese manufacturers and American software and hardware manufacturers were prevented from working together. While the rhetoric between Huawei and Trump that “you are stealing our information” has no basis, Trump has also put forward a sanction for Xiaomi. As you know, the United States Department of Defense and the Treasury Department decided to legally seek its right after the company was included in the list as a “Communist Chinese Military Company” under the Chinese manufacturer NDAA. At this point, it was also wondered what would happen among Xiaomi and Google.



After this unlawful decision, Xiaomi made a very important decision today. With the MIUI 12.5 update, Xiaomi phones in the Chinese market will no longer be able to install Google services exactly like Huawei models. If you ask if this is important for Chinese users; we will say no. Because it is forbidden to use Google and Google services in the Chinese market. How could this decision of Xiaomi have been met by Google? You have to ask this to Sergei and Andy.

Today, after this news, we saw that many people asked us if Google will not work on Xiaomi phones, and we decided to shoot a video to explain the issue more clearly. We think that after watching the video, all the question marks in your mind will be gone. Friends; nothing will happen. You can buy and use Xiaomi phones with peace of mind.


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