The controversy over neglecting pet dogs who later dragged the name G-Dragon as a public figure in the K-Pop industry gained the attention of fellow Korean musicians.

Recently, one of the rappers who took part in Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar” survival program, KittiB made a tweet as well as a slap at the controversy that called G-Dragon ignoring his pet dog, Gaho and also Jolie.

“I hope that people who change animals like fast fashion will be prohibited from adopting animals again. I apologize for being human, “commented KittiB.

Through these comments, KittiB appears to be blaming the actions of people who do not care for their pets properly, which indirectly gives a hard slap to the Big Bang leader who has been raising his pet for a long time.

Previously, G-Dragon had gotten a lot of criticism from netizens because of Gaho’s pet dog that looks unkempt with elongated nails and looks listless.

The controversy was then followed by another pet dog named Jolie who reportedly ran away from the inn run by her parents.


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