Boston Dynamics will take Spot, its robot dog, to monitor social distance in Singapore parks. The pilot project starts this Friday (8), and will take place during two hours during off-peak periods. For this, an operator will control the robot dog at a distance of 3 km, from where it will also observe the local movement flow.

It is important to remember that Singapore was one of the first nations in the world to adopt strict measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Among them were social isolation, airport control and population screening. With that, the government of the country was able to contain the increase in the number of infected locals.

“The Spot is equipped with security sensors to detect objects and people on its way,” points out a company statement. “It has built-in algorithms to detect an object or person within a meter of its proximity, to avoid collisions,” added the text. If the experience is successful, Spot will also patrol at other times.

Last month, Boston Dynamics announced a partnership with hospitals in the United States to help victims of covid-19 make remote visits to relatives and friends. For this, the machine would take, on its front, a screen and cameras for transmission of conversations.

In addition, Spot has also been used in operations by the US police since last year. The four-legged robot weighs around 27 kilos, is capable of running at a speed of 4.8 km / h and can carry loads of up to 13.5 kg.


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