Dogecoin News: Elon Musk seems to have added some activity to the stagnant market via Dogecoin. Continuing to support Dogecoin on Twitter again, Musk’s Twitter event this time provided Dogecoin with a rise of nearly 20 percent in the evening. However, Musk’s tweets, whose influence on cryptocurrencies have decreased recently, are looking for the old days.



In the evening hours of Bju, after Elon Musk tweet, DOGE/USDT increased by more than 15 percent. Bitcoin seems to have had its share, albeit partially, from the rise. Because in the last hours of the day, we see a movement towards $ 32,000. So, how did Elon Musk “pump” Dogecoin on Twitter this time?

Dogecoin detailed profile picture from Elon Musk

The first noteworthy detail is the new profile photo. On his Twitter profile, the reflection of dogecoin on Elon Musk’s glasses draws attention.

The Tesla CEO also commented on a cartoon of himself and his son on Twitter, expressing his appreciation, saying that his son is holding his dogecoins and never intends to sell them.

However, as we have just mentioned, the impact of these tweets has decreased considerably. In Dogecoin, where we saw huge rises in previous mentions, I now see that the price has entered a correction until I finish the article. Still, an increase of nearly 20 percent in 4 hours at the current low volume is a pretty good figure.


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