Bitcoin has been on the rise for more than two weeks, and its price not only surpassed the 2017 record ATH – it reached a series of new milestones. Finally, while BTC quickly entered the $ 30,000 band, Dogecoin (DOGE) became the altcoin that joined the rally yesterday, up 50%.


Dogecoin price explodes with Bitcoin

The Doge began to fluctuate around December 16 – also when Bitcoin was breaking the $ 20,000 level. The coin rose from $ 0.0032 to $ 0.0052 in 10 days. After that, he saw a correction that almost took him back to the level before the fluctuation, only to see a rebound that got him back to $ 0.0046.

The coin then traded horizontally between December 24 and December 31, with a massive price increase yesterday on January 1 alone. Starting at about $ 0.0047, DOGE jumped to $ 0.0076, a level it had previously seen in September 2018.

This rally made DOGE the top-performing crypto among the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, with a daily volume exceeding $ 700 million for January 1.


DOGE can continue to grow

The Dogecoin rally came as a surprise to many investors. Before the surge, DOGE was about to lose its position against Ethereum Classic (ETC). However, the ripple changed that and allowed the token to surpass ETC.

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While the increase is a surprise, many people believe that investors should expect it. All in all, DOGE has participated in major rallies in the past and the coin is seeing an impressive price increase every few years.

Currently, the cryptocurrency has a market cap of just under $ 900 million, but at one point it’s pretty close to $ 1 billion. If the Doge begins to behave as it did in previous ups, it could continue its uptrend.


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