The telecommunication giant Huawei, which started to lose its relations with many countries after the problem with the USA, was also hit by a coup from the UK. Boris Johnson stated that with the announcement today, Huawei 5G equipment will be removed by 2027.

China warned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday that Huawei has banned 5G connectivity over Britain. Stating that these movements can bring extremely heavy results in investing in Britain, China also stated that it thinks that this decision was taken as a result of the pressure of US President Donald Trump.

According to the information reported by the Reuters news agency, Boris Johnson announced that Huawei equipment will be removed by 2027, and Trump announced that he was behind this decision. Then he made a statement when he made a statement.

“Countries should ban Huawei if they want to do business with the US”

Of course, China, which has an economy about 5 times the size of Britain with $ 15 trillion, said that this decision would harm Britain. Chinese envoy Liu Xiaoming said in a statement, “This situation did not only disappoint us, but it also made us very sad. Other Chinese businesses are following your behavior against Huawei very closely and this will affect the investments of the companies.”

In addition to all this, U.S. President Trump, who defined China as the biggest geopolitical enemy of the USA, accused China, led by the Communist Party, for gaining advantage over trade and not telling the truth about the coronavirus.

Trump used the following statements in his statements against Huawei: “We convinced many countries. The vast majority of this is my work. Many countries are convinced not to use Huawei because we think this is a serious security risk. I have abandoned many countries that use Huawei.” If they want to do it, they cannot use Huawei. Today I have learned that the UK will no longer use Huawei. ”

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Of course, although Trump stated that he had convinced many people in his press release, we can say that Britain denied this situation. Britain, who showed why Huawei equipment could be disrupted due to its security concerns and US sanctions, said “We all know Trump, right?” He made a statement saying that Trump’s statements did not affect the decision.


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