Donald Trump’s social network can go live in “two to three months.”
Senior Trump advisor Jason Miller told Fox News to Mediabuzz that the 45th president will return to social media “in probably about two or three months” through his “own social network”.

Miller did not go into details such as whether the service would be closer to Twitter or Facebook, but stated that it would “redefine the game” and attract tens of millions of users.

“This is what I think will be the most popular on social media,” Miller said. “It will completely redefine the game and everyone will wait and watch to see what President Trump is doing, but it will only be on their own platform.”

Major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat prevented Trump from posting on their sites after the Capitol riots in January, claiming that he used the accounts to incite violence.

While Twitter alternatives like Parler and Gab have shown an audience for conservative-leaning platforms, the biggest event may be Donald Trump’s creation of his own social network. Apple, Google, and Amazon previously banned Parler. In this context, it is unlikely that Google and Amazon will host Trump’s social network on cloud services together with Microsoft.

Deadline notes that Stripe and Shopify have cut ties with Trump and affiliated stores, so finding a payment system for their new platform can also be problematic.

Trump may also have to deal with the limitations of section 230 of the Communication Ethics Act, which he put forward during his tenure, in response to Twitter’s labeling of the questionable accuracy of some of his tweets. Section 230 prevents internet companies from being responsible for user content. If this is repealed, Trump could face lawsuits for the posts, videos, and images users posted on his site.

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