Seconds after releasing that phrase, the President of the United States “amended” his mistake and commented that it is an AIDS therapy.

Infection with the human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (HIV / AIDS) has been without a cure for decades, with at least 32 million fatalities worldwide. However, on Tuesday, June 16, US President Donald Trump said there is a vaccine.

Statements he offered during a press conference in which he announced a decree to reform police actions in the United States (USA) and to highlight the “enormous progress” to combat the coronavirus pandemic, reported the RT news portal .

“These people are the best, the smartest, the brightest anywhere, and they have created the AIDS vaccine. They have created – or AIDS – and, as you know, there are several things and now several companies are involved, but AIDS therapy, ”he said.

Since 1982, this disease has also been known in English as AIDS (‘Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome’) and shortly after Trump’s words, it became number one trend on Twitter, where a large number of people criticized it.

Two years after it was baptized AIDS, in 1984, the United States Secretary of Health during the Ronald Reagan Administration, Margaret Heckler, announced that they would have the vaccine.

However, there is no vaccine available to prevent infection with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Only two people on the planet have been cured, one of them known as a ‘London patient’, a Venezuelan national.

More than 100,000 messages have been sent on Twitter about AIDS to lash out and even scoff at the statements by the US president.

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“There is no AIDS vaccine, and medical care for people with AIDS and HIV remains ridiculously expensive and inaccessible to countless people who need it. I hope this clarifies the statement just made by the ‘President’ of the United States, ”wrote writer Charlotte Clymer.


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