It has been raining Bitcoin donations since yesterday to the crypto investor, who explained that he has been losing his Bitcoins accumulated by a phishing attack since 2013.

Canadian cryptocurrency investors have been losing all Bitcoins that they have accumulated since 2013 with a single simple error.

As we reported yesterday, Eric Savics, who also made a podcast about Bitcoin and the future of money, also called Protocol Podcast, had made 12 BTC worth $ 113,000 after downloading and using a malicious fake version of the KeepKey Bitcoin wallet.

Explaining the incident on his personal Twitter account, Savics said, “All my Bitcoins were stolen with a hardware wallet phishing scam. Has anyone ever successfully recovered the stolen Bitcoin? I will be grateful for any help and guidance. ” he said. Savics later told about what happened to him by shooting and sharing a video. This video, which received more than 220 thousand views, spread rapidly among the cryptocurrency community and was liked 3,500 times and retweeted 200 times.

Received Bitcoin donations from 60 different addresses

On the other hand, many Bitcoin donations have been made to Savics’ wallet since yesterday. Donations, starting with $ 2, continued increasingly, and Bitcoin was sent from 60 different addresses during the minutes of the news. As a result of donations, the last amount in Savics’ wallet was 0.76 BTC. This amount is 7 thousand 170 dollars at current prices.

ShapeShift, the cryptocurrency platform that released the KeepKey wallet, has warned last week that there are fake KeepKey apps available in the Google Chrome store. The company said, “We never ask you about your 12 words of recovery. Phishing attempts like these fake wallet apps can cause users to lose their crypto money. ” had made a statement.


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