During the day, we shared with you the news of the investor who lost 7 years of experience as a result of a phishing attack.

Broadcasting podcasts on Bitcoin and economy under the name of Protocol Podcast, Eris Savics had hacked the hackers of the $ 113,000 worth of Bitcoin that he had accumulated for 7 years after he installed the fake version of the KeepKey Bitcoin wallet.

Savics, who shared the situation with his followers with a statement from his Twitter account, asked for help from a follower for a solution. The video of Savics, which has received tens of thousands of views, has received great support from the crypto community.

Many people from the crypto community who wanted to support Savics started sending donations to Savics’s wallet. Firstly, this donation, which is included in small sums, has experienced a serious increase during the day and $ 0.76 worth of $ 7 thousand 180 from 60 different addresses. These donations to Savics’ wallet increase over the hours.

This event shows once again that we should be very careful about this kind of fraud practices that we often encounter in the cryptocurrency community. With the Savics video going viral, maybe he can get back all the money he lost, even more, with donations, but not everyone is so lucky.


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