Windows 10 patch updates, which are released regularly every Tuesday, can sometimes bring annoying bugs. Microsoft released a new patch update this month as every other month. Released last Tuesday with version number KB4598242, this patch update deprived users of using their computers.



Windows 10 do not install the latest update

Do not install the Windows 10 update released by Microsoft this Tuesday. Otherwise, you may face various problems such as automatic reboot and erratic computer operation.

To clarify the subject a little more, the latest update; It causes Windows users to reboot their computers in a loop. Moreover, the system became unstable and problems such as cramps and freezes started to arise.

It doesn’t just end there. At the same time, users are reporting that there is a much bigger problem in addition to the startup failure. Under normal circumstances, when the system crashes, you will get an error like a blue screen. Then you can temporarily fix this problem by restarting it somehow.

However, in this latest version of Windows 10, the scale of the work goes to different places. According to the feedback, users do not experience a blue screen or any other problem. However, the system automatically switches to recovery mode in some cases. If you are not an expert in such matters, you are unlikely to return your computers. So system restore etc. options such as can not save you from this situation. There is only one option left. It will also install a new version of Windows by entering the BIOS menu. However, if you do not have any information on this subject, you can take it to a specialist to solve the problem, as we said above.


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