As it is known, both Sony and Microsoft offered their new generation consoles for sale. Sony next-generation console PS5 floated from $ 499. Microsoft has set $ 499 for the Xbox Series X and $ 300 for the Xbox Series S.

So, which of these consoles is more logical to buy in the current conditions? Obviously you’re concerned need to think about. As a matter of fact, the job does not end with buying a console. The money you pay for the games is as important as the console.

It is stated that the average price of AAA quality games that will be released for PS5 for example will be between $ 29 and $ 69 in our country. This is a seriously high amount for a single game.

From this point of view, it can be said that Microsoft’s Game Pass supported consoles seem much more logical. If you think that 2K resolution will satisfy me, then you can switch to the new generation with the Xbox Series S without thinking.

You can check out all the details about this console below.

As we mentioned in the video, the Xbox Series S is a very reasonable console for the first step into the new generation. Moreover, you can experience the 1st party games that will be developed by Microsoft in the coming period without paying any fee thanks to Game Pass.

Of course, the choice is yours here. Sony’s exc. he has an important trump card on the games side. But is it worth giving $ 499 to the console and $ 49 per game for this trump card? That’s a big question mark.


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