The new update is the second largest to date. In addition to correcting bugs and touching playable aspects, add content.

id Software has just released a new update for DOOM Eternal. This is a great patch where a new map is added for your Battlemode mode. “The UACs escaped from their command post when the Demon Hunt prevented the invasion of hell on Earth. The Titans, once used as experimental specimens, remain as eternal prisoners in this ungodly dig, ”says the description of the new map. According to Bethesda, more empowered demons have also been added.

What are these types of demons? They are strange enemies that appear in the campaign and are generated when another player dies. If one is slain by a demon, it will appear in another player’s game in a more powerful version. Now we will see them more frequently.

Bethesda learned from the Fallout 76 case

A failed launch can mean the eternal condemnation of a video game, whatever the studio does. In the end, first impressions count and negative points quickly spread across the web. Something similar happened with Fallout 76. Bethesda’s ambitious title was released with bugs and little content, which quickly became a wave of criticism, both from users and critics. At Bethesda they have done everything possible to turn the omelette around, although they have taken good note of that failure.

Not surprisingly, Pete Hines himself, head of the marketing and communication department, explained that the Fallout 76 case made them rethink some strategies. When DOOM Eternal was about to come out, they preferred to give the studio more time to avoid the product being marketed before it was fully ready. The same was true for Fallout: Wastelanders — a free Fallout 76 expansion — delayed multiple times to get the title released in the best possible condition.

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DOOM Eternal has been available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC since last March. The Nintendo Switch version, by Panic Button, is moving forward, but there is no specific date for its release yet.


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