The members of ‘Doom Patrol’ will be in trouble again when season 2 of the series arrives this summer. The adaptation of DC Comics in real action will premiere new episodes on Thursday, June 25, which will be released simultaneously in DC Universe and the new WarnerMedia’s new streaming platform HBO Max (to be released for the first time in the world on May 27 ).

Crazy Jane and Negative Man will be back on HBO Max, which promises to kick off with over 10,000 hours of content, and are hinting ahead of their original content release schedule for the summer. In addition to ‘Doom Patrol’, ‘An American Pickle’ has been announced for August 6, or a new ‘Adventure Time’ special also on June 25.

In season 2 of ‘Doom Patrol’, the strangest group of DC heroes: Cliff Steele, aka Robotman (Brendan Fraser), Larry Trainor, aka Negative Man (Matt Bomer), Rita Farr, aka Elasti-Woman (April Bowlby ), Jane, aka Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) and Victor Stone, aka Cyborg (Joivan Wade), will try to find a way to grow … “both figuratively and literally,” says the official synopsis.

The summary of the new plot continues:

“Following Mr. Nobody’s defeat, the members of ‘Doom Patrol’ find themselves miniature and stranded on Cliff’s intricate race car track. There, they begin to deal with their feelings of betrayal by Niles Caulder, too known as The Chief (Timothy Dalton) as they face their own burdens. As each member faces the challenge of growing beyond their own past traumatic experiences, they must come together to embrace and protect the newest member of the family : Niles’ daughter Dorothy Spinner (Abigail Shapiro), whose powers remain a mystery but is a real threat to bring the end of the world. “


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