Valve services down? Steam and CS: GO showed server instability after DotA 2 update.

The 2020 International Battle Pass arrived at DotA 2 on Monday (25). The update was released by Valve and the pass can now be purchased by players. 25% of the Battle Pass profit will be passed on to The International 2020, which still has no official date to occur due to the new coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). Because of this, Battle Pass does not yet have a set end date.

  • During the update that DotA 2 received, several users reported on Twitter that Steam and Valve games went offline.
  • The downdetector, a site that points to instability in online services, showed that the store and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) , for example, had an unstable server status.
  • It is not yet known whether the services will also receive updates or if the arrival of the Battle Pass DotA 2 2020 impacted the other services, which remained unstable until the closing of this article.


There are three ways to purchase Battle Pass. The level one modality costs US $ 9.99, the level 50 modality costs US $ 29.35 and 100 exits for the price of US $ 44.99. The cheaper option gives the user more basic advantages of the Battle Pass, while the more expensive option already gives the player a little more ease in acquiring high levels in his pass.

Guild creation

Along with the Battle Pass, the return of Guild Creation was announced. With it, you can join guilds of friends or other players to battle for more rewards. The more victories a guild achieves, the more of the so-called “Guild Points” will be won, earning more rewards as a result. Among these rewards are emoticons, guild banner, battle pass bonuses, among others. One of the advantages of the Battle Pass is the possibility for the user to create their own guild. The rest of the players will only be able to access a guild, but will not be able to create.

Battle Gauntlet

Battle Gauntlet was also shown, a daily challenge for the player to acquire more rewards. To access it, it is necessary to buy a ticket on Sideshop, where the player can also get gems in exchange for heroes, making it possible to access a secret gem market. That way, just activate it and face the challenge of winning three games before losing two. If successful, the player will earn 1500 Battle Points, an increase in their Battle Tier and another 200 points to spend on the Sideshop.

Terrain and Personas

Evolving the Battle Pass can guarantee both new terrain and DotA 2 personas. The new terrain will open as soon as level 160 is reached. The personas for this battle pass are for Pudge (level 225), Anti-Mage (level 305), Wrath (level 375), Queen of Pain (level 445) and Windranger (level 575). In addition, users will be able to purchase the Living Tower at level 200, a kind of reimagination of the towers, making them alive, with different animations and effects and a dragon-like appearance.

Events have also been announced with the Battle Pass, such as the summer event, which has yet to arrive. A new Cavern Crawn, called Nightsilver & Foulfell, will give players the opportunity to explore the Nightsilver forest and search for more exclusive items, Battle Pass points and tools that will help them along this path.

Other details that stood out in the ad were the inclusion of MVP (Most Valuable Player), a new versus screen, Bounty Killing, Community Match Predictions and the so-called Pause Screen Playground, where players will be able to play mini games while matches are paused. More news will be released by Valve soon.

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