The official app store of the Android operating system Google Play Store has been upgraded to a new version. How to install new version?



In the Android ecosystem, we use the Play Store to download official apps and maintain updates. Well, did you know that Google is also updating this official app store. Google does this process mostly in the system infrastructure, that is, without you being aware of it.

Visual changes do not always occur in the official store, which is updated frequently, but you may want to use both a change, if any, and all the fixes and improvements in the infrastructure. For this, you can manually upgrade the Play Store. In this news, we will talk about the latest version of the official app store and how it is installed.

If you wish, you can wait for the new version to be automatically installed on your Android device, or you can download and install the APK file of the latest version.


How to install Google Play Store APK?

Sign in to the GooglePlay Store app on your Android device. You can browse the version number of the store by following the path “Play Store> Settings> Play Store version”. If you have an earlier version of the application, we recommend that you install the current update.

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You can download and install the APK file of Google Play version 17.8.14 via the link in the lower section. Do not forget to activate the “Settings> Security> Unknown sources” tab before the installation process or you can activate it during the installation.


Download Google Play 24.0.32 APK

If you encounter a problem with the Play Store opening after the installation, you can find the APK files of the previous versions in the subsection.


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