It was discovered that a new feature is coming to the Android version of Google Chrome. This feature adds a download timer to the application. In this way, users can make a download at any time.

US-based technology Google is the developer of the world’s most popular internet browser, Chrome. The company is also working to optimize Google Chrome, which can be used on almost any platform. The latest information shows that the Android version of Google Chrome will have an important feature soon.

One of the most important features of the Android ecosystem is that users can download and open the files they download. This process, which is a serious problem on the iOS platform, can be easily done in the Android ecosystem. It seems that Google developers will now offer a feature that will facilitate the download work of Android users in the future.

The new feature, discovered by developers, offers a download timer to Google Chrome users on the Android platform. So with this feature, Google Chrome users in the Android ecosystem will be able to offer a timer for downloads. In this way, users will be able to download a file at any time and at any time.

This is how the new feature of Google Chrome will look like this

Google developers do not currently offer detailed options in Chrome’s download options. Users can only adjust whether or not to use Wi-Fi or download the location of the files they are going to download for now. With this new feature, users will be able to create a specific date for a download they want to make.

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It is currently unknown when this feature, discovered in Google Chrome’s Android ecosystem, can be used in stable versions. However, the fact that the feature is currently working successfully reveals that the Google team has no reason to wait. So Android users can get acquainted with this feature of Google Chrome in a short time.


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