Dragon Ball gave cosplayers a ton of characters that they continually take as inspiration to design new outfits, even if they don’t always look like the official ones.



From time to time a fan appears who decides to give a twist to Akira Toriyama’s creations and print a unique touch that makes them stand out, and this time Bulma was chosen.

Thanks to the cosplay that you will see below, you will see how Trunks’s mother could have looked if she had lived her adult stage in the 80s, when in the anime she was just a teenager.

In Dragon Ball we could see all the characters grow up, but who we saw the years go by with the greatest clarity was Bulma.

Cosplayer Xandrastax decided to make her own version of Vegeta’s wife, but instead of copying one of her classic outfits, she tried to give him an eighties look.

According to Xandrastax, she took as her inspiration an adult version of Bulma from Dragon Ball, and for her outfit she modeled clothes worn in the 1980s.

What stands out about this cosplay, in addition to the eyes and blue hair, is the pattern that she has on her blouse, in which you can clearly read Capsule Corporation, a company that now belongs to her character.

The pants also have references to this corporation, although in a more discreet way with a small patch.

You will not be able to deny that even the cosplayer looks a bit like the character from Dragon Ball, although she has an expansions that give a unique touch to her interpretation.


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