Dragon Ball News: The wait is over


Finally the new chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga arrived and with it, Vegeta’s long-awaited fight against the Ceresian, Granola. After a long time and a lot of fan hype we finally got to see how the fight developed and a somewhat expected surprise.

Many rumors claimed that we would see a new transformation of Vegeta during his fight. Well, they were correct, since chapter 74 has shown us the new form of the Saiyan prince, which makes him look like a fearsome and at the same time powerful being.

A destructive ultra instinct? Vegeta’s new form

With a rival as strong as Granola, it was obvious that Vegeta was going to need all of his power to face him. So he used the teachings of the god of destruction, Beerus, to reach a new state that causes him to surround himself with a black, fiery-looking aura. Besides that his gaze looks somewhat evil and his eyebrows disappear.

According to the Saiyan prince, this new phase was taught to him by the god of destruction. To achieve this form, his power must be driven purely by instinct. So we could say that this transformation is like Ultra Instinct. The difference is that this one focuses on the power of destruction, as opposed to Goku’s form which seems to be more about calm and fluidity.

Vegeta’s new transformation doesn’t have an official name yet, so I propose the name ‘Since mode’ (for ‘no eyebrow’). Although the manga comes out in black and white, some fans have already taken the time to color it in purple, perhaps inspired by the energy that Bills gives off every time he concentrates his power.

The only thing we regret about this surprise is that it occurred in the last pages of the manga. So we will have to wait until chapter 75 to see the capabilities of this mode against Granola. After all, this transformation of Vegeta finally caused an expression of terror in the Ceresian. What do you think about this new and imposing look? If you want to see it for yourself, you can do it here.


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