Dragon Ball Super News: A new mode for the Saiyan prince


Chapter 74 of the Dragon Ball Super manga finally gave us the promised fight between Vegeta and Granola. Although the Ceresian continues to prove that he is a very powerful rival, the last few pages gave us a glimpse of the new and historical transformation of the Saiyan prince. Perhaps with this he can defeat his adversary.

Although perhaps many who do not follow the manga, believe that this new form of Vegeta was taken out of nowhere. The truth is that the improvement of the Saiyan was already seen coming for a while, here we tell you how he managed to reach this new state.

How Vegeta got to this new transformation

Vegeta had already mentioned that he wanted to stop being in Goku’s shadow, in terms of acquiring new forms and powers. That is why he decided to train in a very different way than his eternal rival and his first step was to travel to the planet Yardrat, during the Moro arc.

It was here that he learned ‘spirit control’, a way of controlling his own ki from him and others. The prince used this new technique against the planet eater, and although he failed to defeat him with it, it was one of the first steps towards transforming him in the fight with Granola.

After the fight with Moro. The god of destruction, Bills, took Vegeta as his apprentice to teach him the techniques and secrets that the gods of destruction possess. During this time, the deity explained to the Saiyan that there were various ways to use the power of the gods, depending on the personality of the subject.

While Goku could easily reach the zen mode needed for Ultra Instinct. Vegeta’s anger and love of fighting could cause his power to be channeled in a different way and reach the levels of a god of destruction.

Once he achieved his new transformation by facing Granola. Vegeta mentions that “a god of destruction taught me that power derived only from instinct has no limits.” So this new mode could be considered his version of his Ultra Instinct and would put him almost to the level of a god of destruction. Now we just have to wait to see if it will be enough to defeat the Ceresian.


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