Romance in Korean dramas is a constant that always manages to catch us, however, we find a great diversity of relationships within these stories and, although each one shows us the essence of love, not all do it in the best way.

Let’s be honest, many times couples in Korean dramas make jealousy or a tragic relationship look like something to be idealized, since within the story this adds interesting touches, ups and downs and unexpected twists.

But there is nothing like pure and disinterested feelings to warm our hearts. For this reason, we must also emphasize that there are couples who are an example of good love relationships.

Here we leave you some examples of those couples who, through their history and romance, taught us the meaning of true love, a love that even without knowing what it will be like in the future, will do everything to overcome difficulties, defend and grow the other.

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Yoo Hye Jung and Hong Ji Hong meet while he is a teacher at the school where Hye Jung attends, although she is a rebel who does not pursue a dream, Ji Hoon helps her find a goal for her life. Their good relationship causes them problems, but years later they meet when they both start working in the same hospital. They have a feeling of admiration for each other, respect their independence but enjoy time together. Hye Jung is a girl with a firm personality, self-confident and with great fighting skills, but Ji Hong never feels intimidated, he falls in love with everything in her.


The protagonists of this story know each other under really strange circumstances, Oh Yeon Joo is transported inside the webtoon that her father draws, where despite her bewilderment she will save Kang Chul, the main character of this story. He is a rich, handsome man with a good personality, yet she only cares about keeping him safe. Eventually they fall in love and stay together even if they think Yeon Joo’s father wants to kill Kang Chul, when he loses his fortune, when she goes to jail … well, for them nothing is stronger than their love, not even belonging to two different worlds.


Do Bong Soon and Ahn Min Hyuk start working together when he discovers the super strength abilities that this girl possesses and that at the same time could go unnoticed by others. Although initially they do not have an excellent relationship, both begin to develop interest in each other, when their daily interaction lets them know each other, they are carried away by any type of prejudice, nor does the money he owns or the girl’s strange abilities have great relevance for their relationship, because they show that the interest they have is simply out of affection for the other person. Also, Min Hyuk always tries to get Bong Soon to improve her skills, both when it comes to her strength and in designing game characters, she shares her knowledge and is not afraid that the girl’s abilities will surpass him.


After meeting, the only thing Yoon Se Ri and Ri Jung Hyuk want is for everything to be the same as before, however, circumstances make them live together for a long time, learn about each other’s weaknesses and strengths, thus developing a special love for each other. Each will do everything in their hands to protect the life of the other, even if it means giving up their happiness or risking their own life. They find a way to keep their love despite the difficulties and although they may only see each other infrequently, they value every moment they experience together.


Nam Se Hee and Yoon Ji Ho become housemates as an answer to their financial problems, but living together will lead them to discover that it is always good to have someone special who gives you support and trust. Although they both have past hurts, over time they help each other heal and dare to follow their dreams, even if they make mistakes they know it’s valid because this is their first life.

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