Many of the stories we see in Korean dramas arise from a series of injustices lived by the protagonists, sometimes these events guide them on a path to try to lead a life away from chaos and tragedy, but other times they are the engine to collect revenge and do justice on their own.

As in reality, life does not always smile at those who deserve it most. Power, luck, and money may be enough for some characters to get away with wreaking havoc on the most innocent.

It is these types of phenomena that are capable of changing someone’s heart, making them a person full of hatred, rancor and thirst for justice, who, when others do not enforce it, will have to take it the hard way.

Read on and choose which of these stories suits your tastes, you will see all kinds of revenges, the one executed to demand justice, the one guided by hatred, a broken heart or the one sought by criminals who could not get away well in your first try.


A group of soldiers is sent to a secret mission where they are ambushed, it is believed that they all died however, the only survivor returns to his country, takes the son of one of his companions who died in the mission and disappears to train him as the City Hunter. Years later they return to Korea and begin to exact revenge on all those who betrayed the group of soldiers, but Lee Yoon Sung will begin to question the methods imposed on him.

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When Kang Ma Ru’s girlfriend calls him crying for help he runs to meet her, but he meets a crime scene for which the girl will be blamed, to avoid it he takes responsibility and goes to prison, giving up his life as a medical student. After serving his sentence, Ma Ru is a completely different person and will seek revenge for what he had to live.


Park Soo Ha witnessed his father’s murder when he was just a child, no one could confirm his testimony until a young student takes courage and confesses that he accidentally saw the crime. The murderer is punished, but he vows to take revenge. That is why Park Soo Ha agrees to take care of the girl and, although for many years they do not know each other anymore, they meet again just in time, since the murderer will be released and they will have to use Park Soo’s abilities to get rid of the damage. that can cause them.


After discovering that his nephew’s sudden death occurred due to murder, Chal Da Gun will do everything in his power to uncover the truth behind this fact. As you proceed with your investigation, you will realize that there are many people involved, so taking revenge will not be easy.


During a jewelry exhibition in Bangkok a murder occurs, the person who is accused as guilty is Jung Se Ro, the son of a scammer who will have to spend years in prison, but that time will serve him to carefully plan revenge against those who accused him unfairly.


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