American investor Tim Draper reiterated his prediction that Bitcoin could hit $ 250,000 when it reaches a massive acceptance rate by 2023.

During the AIM Summit webinar, the famous name Tim Draper once again emphasized that adoption will be the main driver of Bitcoin (BTC) price. Stating that BTC still has the possibility of reaching 250 thousand dollars, Draper states that the cryptocurrency is a safe port against fiat currency pressure.

Just Beginning
Many large exchanges have recently begun to expand their staff. Draper says they are experiencing a hiring spree due to the rapid growth of the ecosystem. Draper uses the following expressions:

“Bitcoin is growing, Coinbase is growing, OpenNode is growing, the number of wallets in the world is increasing.”

The venture capitalist says that they will be aware that people do not need banks when they experience the “power” of controlling their own money and the “exciting” feeling of it.

A Bitcoin Is A Bitcoin
Draper seems not to worry about Bitcoin’s volatile moves. He says that Bitcoin is still a Bitcoin because Fiat currencies slowly “disappear.” The billionaire says the currency is actually incredibly stable:

“Not at all temporary. In fact, it’s incredibly stable. You know that there are only 21 million of them. ”

Draper claims that miners will be profitable due to cheap energy. As of now, they are also taking advantage of the rapidly growing Bitcoin (BTC) price.


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