PlayStation 5 controller DualSense came up with analog stick shift problem.
Announced with the PlayStation 5, DualSense managed to attract the attention of the players with details such as advanced trigger feeling, tactile feedback and adaptive triggers.

The DualSense analog stick shift problem, which promises a completely new generation of gaming experience to players, came to the fore.

As you know, stick slip problem is a nightmare for controllers. This problem, which occurs after long use, can be seen in many game handles. However, the situation experienced by a Reddit user named EverGreatestxX is slightly different.

In this section, the Reddit user states that approximately 10 days after purchasing the PlayStation 5, the DualSense analog stick sends commands to the game itself. The user, who said that he reset the DualSense after this problem, also stated that he turned the PS5 off and on and even charged the controller overnight. However, the Reddit user who tried all these methods says that the problem is not resolved.

In addition, if we look at the videos shared by Reddit users called ktg15 and Verity21, we witness that they complain about the same problem. When we examine the videos shared by the users, we observe that the character moves on its own, although no commands are given.

For now, no official statement has been made on the Sony front regarding the DualSense analog stick shift issue. However, according to the reports shared on the subject, Sony covers the analog stick slip problem. Thus, the victimization of users who experience this problem will be eliminated.


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