Ducati presented its new line of electric scooters, which brings options for urban commuting, facilitating mobility in large cities, and also for use on uneven floors, such as trails. The design is inspired by the traditional motorcycles of the Italian company.

Developed in partnership with MT Distribution, the new line of scooters from Ducati has electric motors whose power ranges from 250W to 500W. The automaker has revealed only two models at this time, which will be the first to reach the European market.

One of them is the Ducati Pro II, designed for urban environments. With a slimmer profile and 10-inch puncture-proof tires, the scooter is equipped with a 350W motor, powered by a 280 Wh battery. The range is 25 to 30 km, according to the manufacturer.

The Pro II also has an electric brake on the front wheel and a disc at the rear, which help to stop the scooter quickly in emergency situations. Another highlight is the complete rear suspension system.

Track version
The other novelty revealed is the Ducati Scrambler Cross-E scooter, designed for dirt tracks and uneven roads. For this, it has special 6.5-inch tires, also resistant to punctures.

The engine of the Cross-E has a power of 500W, reaching 21 km / h of maximum speed. The battery is 350 Wh, making it possible to run for 30 to 35 km with each charge.

This model also has a double headlight, to run at night with greater safety, and an LCD display on the handlebars, which presents important information for the driver. The brake and suspension systems are the same as the urban version.

The Ducati Cross-E will hit stores on June 20, while the Pro II will be available on July 6 – prices have yet to be revealed. The complete line will have two more versions.


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