Yesterday (19), in a Twitter post, Daniel Ahmad, a senior game industry analyst at Niko Partners, suggested that the cancellation of E3 2020 forced Microsoft and Sony to reschedule their presentations of their next generation consoles. Check out the tweet below:

According to Ahmad, the first appropriate presentation of the next generation consoles and games will be well before the original period of E3 2020, which was scheduled to take place from 9 to 11 June.

According to the analyst, while certain new features have been advanced, others that were also linked to E3 will suffer long delays, and instead of being revealed in June, they will be presented much later, probably at separate digital events or publishers’ marketing presentations. of games.

Ahmad also clarified that the covid-19 pandemic, which caused the cancellation of E3, can always “change plans at the last minute”. That is, it is not possible to guarantee anything at the moment, but by the way, maybe we will find out more about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in the coming weeks.

A Video Games Chronicle report suggests that Sony planned to launch the PS5 during a physical event in May. Of course, this is no longer a viable alternative, but there is still the possibility for the company to opt for a digital alternative.

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What do you think? Will we finally find out more about Sony’s new console next month? Tell us in the comments!


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