Electronic Arts announced that the new Need for Speed ​​game has been delayed. In the statement made, EA announced that developer studio Criterion Games will help DICE for Battlefield 6.

As you know, EA has been working on Battlefield 6 and the new Need For Speed ​​for a while. While the games developed were eagerly awaited by the players, today a very important statement came from the Electronic Arts front. The publisher company announced that the new Need For Speed ​​game, which will be released this year, has been postponed.

In this direction, the company stated that the game in question will be published in the fiscal year 2023, and Criterion Games, the developer of the NFS series, will also help DICE for the new Battlefiled game in this process.

Sharing some information about the development process of the BF6 with the players, EA’s Laura Miele stated that the new Battlefield game has been shaped as they wish and the developer team has been working hard. During the interview, Miele also said that they were very tired last year and they worked from home due to pandemic conditions, and pointed out that it is very difficult to develop games from home. Stating that DICE is tired due to this intense pace, Miele also says that they continue to work without slowing down to offer the players a great Battlefield game.

Miele also mentioned Criterion Games’ involvement in this project in the interview she gave to Polygon and stated that they signed this decision by speaking with Criterion Games. Miele also reminds that the developer studio previously helped DICE for the development of Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront games, and underlines that the support of Criterion Games is very important to launch the new game of the series on the targeted date.

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How Will Battlefield 6 Be?
No clear information has been shared about Battlefield 6 for now. However, in recent months, EA CEO Andrew Wilson stated that the new Battlefield will be in unprecedented glory. Expressing that the BF6 will lead the new generation, the CEO also pointed out that the production in question will be a game as Battlefield fans want.

In addition, the CEO announced that the BF6 will offer a unique gaming experience to the players with the number of online players, and also stated that the new generation game will support all the innovations of PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

For now, it is not known when the new Battlefield will be released. But considering the previously shared reports, we anticipate that the new game of the series will be announced in the spring and will be available next fall.


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