The famous video game maker EA seems to introduce the new Star Wars game Star Wars Project Maverick on June 2. Star Wars Project Maverick is said to be a smaller-scale multiplayer game than Star Wars.

So far, there have been many statements for Star Wars Project Maverick. On 27 May, Jeff Grubb of VentureBeat shared a game announcement calendar. In this calendar, Grubb had registered Mel Gibson for the announcement on June 2. For those who don’t know, Mel Gibson starred in a movie called Maverick.

Jason Schreier then claimed that EA Motive Montreal was about to announce a new game. Schreier also said that this game is the new Star Wars game.

Jeff Grubb later responded to Schreier with a video from Top Gun Maverick.

If we now combine all these things, it is assumed that Electronic Arts will introduce Star Wars Project Maverick on June 2. What we have learned so far is that Star Wars Project Maverick will not be a VR game.

Which platforms the game will be released on is unknown

Since Star Wars Project Maverick first appeared on PSN, it is not possible to know whether the game will be exclusive to Playstation or a multi-platform game.

EA Games is one of the most popular and well-established game companies from the past, although it does nothing but anger players with sales policies today. There are many masterpieces that EA Games has added to the game world.

There are many well-established gaming companies such as Ubisoft, Nintendo, Activision and Sony Computer Entertainment from the past. EA Games is one of these companies, and perhaps even the most established. Founded on May 27, 1982 in California, a group of software developers, the company has released hundreds of games to date. You can find the list of the 11 Best Games in EA Games History we have compiled for you here.


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