The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued a flight permit for the Boeing 737 Max models, whose flight ban was imposed after several accidents.

The European Aviation Safety Agency has made an important decision for the Boeing 737 Max models that have been banned from flights. In this direction, EASA, which has been conducting a comprehensive examination on the 737 Max aircraft for a while, stated that the aircraft can be safely returned to service after the examinations.

Stating that it has signed such a decision independently of Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration, EASA underlined that this decision was taken after Boeing fulfilled 4 important criteria. The criteria that Boeing successfully fulfilled are listed as follows:

EASA’s independent design review has been completed.
Boeing 737 Max crews were given the necessary training.
Two accidents involving the Boeing 737 Max models were considered to be understood.
The design changes made by Boeing have been approved by EASA and these design changes have been made mandatory.

EASA President Patrick Ky, who made some statements on the subject, also stated that there was no political and economic pressure in this decision. Stating that they carry out all tests independently, Ky also said that they will continue to strictly control the 737 Maxs after they start flying.

Stating that there is not yet a clear date on when the 737 Max will start flying, Ky pointed out that it may take some time for these models to start flying.


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