Lexus’ first electric, the UX 300e, hits the market with a big difference. The Japanese automaker’s vehicle offers a standard battery with a life span of 10 years or 10 million kilometers driven.

According to the brand, the refrigerated air technology is responsible for the long life of the part. Accompanied by a 54.3 kWh battery, the car can travel 400 kilometers on a single charge.

Differentials of the refrigerated battery
Although liquid cooling systems are more efficient and dominate the market, the warranty offered by Lexus is impressive. According to the automaker, the air-cooled model is lighter and safer than the others.

In addition, the cooling process works in conjunction with air conditioning. Thus, it contributes to improved performance, charging capacity and battery life.

The manufacturer explains that the part uses heating elements by modules. This minimizes the impact of cold weather on the battery cells and ensures sufficient energy for the electric motor to deliver full power from the start. Thus, it is excellent for regions with severe winters such as the northern hemisphere.

Launch in specific markets
As the American website Slash Gear points out, batteries with air cooling systems are not very efficient in high voltage electric vehicles. As well, they are not recommended for regions with warmer climates.

Perhaps, for this reason the Lexus UX 300e will be launched only in Asia and Europe. Recently, the model arrived in China and should be introduced to the European market in June with an average value of around 45 thousand euros.

In Japan, the estimate is that the UX 300e will debut only in 2021. So far, there is no forecast that it will arrive in North America and other countries in the Americas.


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