Lucid Motors will bring the premium electric sedan to the European market before the end of 2021, which it will launch in the US in the coming months. Lucid Air is shown as a rival to Tesla Model S.

California-based Lucid Motors is set to launch its premium electric sedan, which will go into series production this spring. It was said that Lucid Air, which will start deliveries in the USA after production, will not come to the European market this year, but it seems that the situation will not be as expected.

The company announced that the car will arrive on the European market in late 2021. The European version of Lucid Motors will be produced at the factory in Arizona, just like the American version. It was previously said that it would be produced in the second factory to be established in Saudi Arabia.

Tesla to rival Model S
The ready-to-mass production version of Lucid Air was introduced in September 2020. The premium electric sedan is positioned as the main competitor of the Tesla Model S. This is not surprising as the company’s CTO Peter Rawlinson previously worked at Tesla and led the development of the Model S.

Lucid Air has a friction coefficient of 0.21 (0.24 in Model S). It can also travel a maximum of 832 km on a single charge. The top Dream Edition version of the vehicle is equipped with 2 electric motors capable of producing 1,080 horsepower. This model completes the acceleration of 0-100 km / h in 2.6 seconds. Lucid Air will be sold at prices ranging from 80 to 169 thousand dollars.


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