Prepared for sale in Europe with 5 and 7-seat versions, the electric Peugeot e-Rifter offers a range of 280 km with its 50 kWh battery. Here is the design and features of the e-Rifter:

PSA Group models continue to be electrified. This time, the model in front of us is the fully electric version of the Peugeot Rifter MPV. The vehicle, called the e-Rifter MPV, will be offered in 5 and 7 seat configurations.

Expected to take its place in showrooms in Europe at the end of this year, the e-Rifter MPV uses the same power transmission system as its commercial version e-Partner. This means that we are talking about an electric motor that produces 136 horsepower and 260 Nm of torque and a 50 kWh battery pack. The e-Rifter offers a driving range of only up to 280 kilometers, according to WLTP. Completing 0-100 km / h acceleration in 11.2 seconds, the maximum speed of the vehicle is limited to 134 km / h.

The single-phase 7.4 kW charger comes standard with the e-Rifter. If they wish, customers can choose the three-phase 11 kW one for an extra fee. The battery of the vehicle supports 100 kW fast charging, so it takes 30 minutes for the battery to reach 80 percent filling rate from 0 percent. The battery reaches full charge in 7.5 hours with a 7.4 kW wallbox and in 5 hours with a 11 kW wallbox.

The new Peugeot e-Rifter MPV has three different driving modes. The power and torque values ​​of the engine vary according to these modes. While Eco mode limits the electric motor to 82 horsepower and 180 Nm, in Normal mode these values ​​reach 109 horsepower and 220 Nm. In power mode, the engine runs at full power. In addition, there are two different modes that adjust the dose of regenerative braking: Moderate and Augmented.

The standard version of the e-Rifter is 4403 mm and the long version is 4753 mm long. In the 5-seater version, 775 liters of luggage volume is up to 3500 liters when the rear seats are folded. In the 7-seat version, these values ​​are 1050 and 4000 liters, respectively. In addition, there are easy-to-reach storage areas of up to 186 liters in total throughout the cabin.

The Peugeot e-Rifter’s Allure Premium package has 16-inch aluminum wheels, and 17-inch aluminum wheels at the GT trim level. Inside, we see Peugeot’s i-Cockpit design and 8-inch multimedia screen. The vehicle’s driving assistants include lane departure warning, automatic collision warning, automatic emergency braking, speed sign recognition, blind spot display, trailer stability control and hill start support.


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