The accident two Friday ago was created by WWE to give Elias a television outlet after it was discovered that the fighter had a chest injury that will leave him in the dry dock for several months.

Elias suffers an injury that will keep him away from the rings for several months

Elias was hit by a car in the May 29 episode of WWE SmackDown, if at one point a series of injuries were reported that the fighter had had due to that accident, the truth is that some of them are, but they were not caused by the accident.

The idea of ​​the accident was used to get the fighter out of television since in reality he does have a major injury and Elias is going to have to be out for a few months, although it is not known exactly how long it will be.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Elias suffered an injury to his chest that will keep him away from the ring for several months but what has not been known is where or how the injury occurred, but thought was done on how to remove it from broadcasts. the programs.

Elias is not a lucky man when it comes to WWE tournaments, in this Intercontinental Title tournament he beat Baron Corbin in the first round and had to fight in the semifinals against AJ Styles when this injury occurred, and last year in The King of The Ring tournament suffered an ankle injury that left him out of the tournament and out of action for two months, returning as a babyface to WWE SmackDown in November.


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