It is known that Bitcoin and Elon Musk have faced each other many times before. Elon Musk made many comments on Twitter, both in favor of and against Bitcoin. The current event seems to be related to the Tesla company, relatively independent of Elon Musk. According to the popular charting and analysis platform TradingView, Bitcoin and Tesla shares are currently the two most viewed assets and investment instruments.

TSLA has seen an incredible rise this year. In addition, the change in the interest and perspective in electric vehicles across Wall Street gives signs of upward trend for the future. The value of TSLA shares, which was $ 402 on January 1, is being traded at $ 1,660 as of press time. Bitcoin price increased from $ 7,400 to $ 11,700 during the same period. This shows that on an annual basis, TSLA has literally crushed Bitcoin .

TSLA became the most viewed stock among 31 states across the US in July. The leading crypto currency Bitcoin, on the other hand, was the second most viewed asset on TradingView. While the price of BTC increased by 60% during the year, the TSLA value tripled, and this difference seems normal.

Is Individual Bitcoin FOMO Started?

Experts believe that Bitcoin has not experienced the “TSLA moment” yet. Fundstrat co-founder and renowned analyst Tom Lee thinks Bitcoin has not yet created enough FOMOs and has not attracted investors’ attention. Defending that investors individually inflate the TSLA price through platforms such as Robinhood, Lee stated that this is also possible for Bitcoin.

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Actually, Lee’s prediction seems to be slowly coming true. Dave Portnoy , one of the most well-known social media figures in the USA, recently announced that he bought $ 250,000 Bitcoin . Portnoy, who made a live broadcast with the brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the founding partners of the Gemini crypto currency exchange, later stated that he owned $ 1 million in Bitcoin. It is thought that these and similar initiatives will bring an explosion of individual investment, just like TSLA stocks.


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