Having been away from the idea of ​​installing solar panels on electric vehicle models for a while, Musk could change his mind thanks to new technologies. In fact, we can see a caravan model from Tesla.

It was stated that Tesla, one of the first brands to come to mind when talking about electric cars, will be able to produce caravans with an openable roof supported by electric and solar panels in the near future. It is possible that the possibility, which has been discussed for a long time in the past years, will soon turn into flesh and bones with the statement made by Elon Musk.
Answering the question about the integration of solar energy into electric vehicles, the CEO said, “In this sense, the caravan looks like a smart choice. Because you have a fairly large flat area and solar energy is starting to make sense here. ” used the expressions.

In fact, Musk has long been opposed to the integration of solar energy into electric vehicles. However, issues such as technological developments in panel technology and productivity increase seem to change the mind of the famous CEO. Musk now even has a solar panel ceiling plan for the Cybertruck.

Other statements shared by the CEO for the caravan, which he stated to be within his plans, are as follows:

“We can build a vehicle equipped with solar panels and a retractable roof. While the vehicle is stationary, this roof can be opened from the sides and provide shade to those sitting, and at the same time, we can obtain solar energy that will increase the daily range of the vehicle by 45 km thanks to the flat area we will obtain three times. I think it’s a good idea. Thus, even if the apocalypse breaks, we will have a caravan that we can drive thanks to solar energy. “


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