Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently explained why he sold his home in a post he attended.

Elon Musk announced a week ago that he would share a post from his Twitter account and “sell almost all of the properties” he owned.

Various responses came to his comment from social media. Peter Schiff, who we know with his comments about Bitcoin, advised Musk not to sell the gold he had, saying that he might be “needed in the future”.

Some of the names we know from the crypto money community invited Musk to buy Bitcoin while getting rid of ready physical properties.

Why Sells?
Elon Musk organized a podcast yesterday with Joe Rogan. Talking about his personal projects, Coronavirus and his work in space, Musk also explained why he sold the properties he owned during the broadcast.

Musk, which has 7 different houses with a total value of about 100 million dollars, sells them all. Saying that he “felt a little upset” about selling their houses, Musk explained why he made such a decision:

Owning a property is a burden to people. In addition, people can use it against you. They can say, “You have too many goods and property.” No more. Let’s see what they say now. ”

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Saying that people have started to look at billionaires with bad eyes, especially in the past few years, Musk does not think that this is a “correct perception”.

After selling their house, Musk announced that he would rent a house and live there. In addition, Musk stated that he had no intention of selling everything he had and said that he would keep his belongings especially of spiritual value. Musk will also hold Tesla brand vehicles.


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