Tesla CEO Elon Musk has again revived the community of popular altcoin Dogecoin. As usual, the price rose sharply after the Tesla CEO shared.

Elon Musk pumped the popular altcoin Dogecoin!

Popular cryptocurrency Dogecoin has also risen with the share of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The price rocketed once again after Tesla CEO Dogecoin confirmed that it would be “absolutely” in the upcoming episode of “Saturday Night Live,” which has been talked about a lot. The Altcoin project rose to $ 0.40 on the Binance stock exchange and gained 14 percent following Musk’s tweet. However, the coin did not reach its all-time high of $ 0.45.

However, Dogecoin is currently the best performing cryptocurrency in the top 10, overshadowing Ethereum’s earnings. Recently, the famous billionaire wrote “Dogefather” and brought along a lot of speculation. Staying in style, the billionaire never disclosed anything else about his cryptic tweet, but crypto Twitter was full of speculation. Musk confirmed that Dogecoin will finally appear in “SNL” on May 8, when it can become a part of pop culture.

Bots are pushing the popular altcoin Dogecoin higher!

While Dogecoin tweets are fun and games for Musk, the market definitely treats them seriously. If you’re wondering how people have managed to buy crypto so quickly following Musk’s tweets, bots are actually doing their job. Master programmers, well aware of the entrepreneur’s tweeting habits, have developed a series of scripts that automatically purchase cryptocurrency after every Musk tweet.

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