Since Tesla invested in Bitcoin, there has been a lot of speculation, whether Elon Musk owns the asset or not. Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci, who fueled this idea, made an interesting comment earlier today.



Musk owns a lot of BTC

The founder of Skybridge Capital claimed that Musk owns over $ 5 billion in Bitcoin through his companies and personally. In addition to this claim, Scaramucci said he understood that Tesla, as well as SpaceX, even owns the digital asset on its balance sheet.

The reason behind Scaramucci’s claims on Twitter is unknown. However, the Skybridge founder took a positive stance on Elon Musk’s alleged personal Bitcoin funds. According to him, Musk presented a reflection of his “energy FUD” regarding Bitcoin and said:

No living creature has done more to protect the planet against climate change.

It turned out that Scaramucci was referring to the idea that Elon Musk would invest in the “dirty asset” (the FUD term used to describe Bitcoin). He concluded his words by stating that the future of Bitcoin mining is renewable energy:

Elon Musk sees the future 1) renewable energy sources replace fossil fuels 2) Bitcoin gold demonizes renewable energy, stocks and art and becomes the dominant store of value.

Recently, Scaramucci has been tackling bearish narratives such as Bitcoin’s dependence on high energy consumption, which is one reason some people like Bill Gates and researchers at Bank of America remain skeptical. Recently, the Microsoft founder also admitted that the network is not “on the rise” in Bitcoin at the moment due to the energy consumption of the network. BoA described Bitcoin as an extremely volatile, impractical asset that failed as a store of value.

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