Elon Musk is preparing to organize a project competition to reduce carbon emissions, which have a devastating effect on the environment. The prize pool in the competition will be 100 million dollars.

Elon Musk, who struggles for leadership in the race of the richest person in the world and sets the technology agenda with strange breakouts from time to time, is making an important move for the environment next week.

100 million dollar award
Carbon emissions are one of the biggest problems of our world today and its impact on the environment has started to be devastating. Technology giants are developing projects to minimize or zero carbon emissions in production facilities. Elon Musk will also organize a project competition.

The competition, details of which will be revealed next week, has been allocated a prize pool of 100 million dollars. The aim of the competition is to develop carbon capture projects that play an important role in reducing carbon emissions. Projects that develop different projects in a way to minimize carbon emissions and are entitled to receive an award will benefit from this pool.

Numerous project plans have already been sent to the Twitter post, but the majority of those who want carbon emissions will be minimized by protecting forests and that these money should be spent accordingly.

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