No joke: Elon Musk thinks Dogecoin is better than Bitcoin. Elon Musk, apparently the richest person on the planet, is extremely serious about his obsession with the cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE).



After days of relentless DOGE memes, Musk talks about Dogecoin’s technical viability in a more serious tone.

He also points out that Dogecoin is “several times faster” than Bitcoin.


Dogecoin returns to the top 10

Cryptocurrency Dogecoin (DOGE) returned to the top 10 on CoinMarketCap (CMC) after surging to $ 0.0873 on February 7.

The cryptocurrency was far from the all-time high of $ 0.0875, which was determined after climbing over 1,100 percent in just one day.

Ultimately, it’s now over Stellar (XLM) and Rover Ver-backed Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Dogecoin’s revival is undoubtedly a testament to Elon Musk’s Twitter power. Musk, at the helm of Tesla and SpaceX, shared the token to the moon last week.


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